Dancing in the Rain …



We’ve been praying … 

We’ve been sowing … 

Now we’re crying, “Heaven send the rain!”

Zechariah 10:1 — “Ask the Lord for rain in the spring, for he makes the storm clouds.  And he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.” (NLT)

Often we feel tossed.  Life swirls us many directions.  It’s easy in this world to get depressed … to feel lost … to feel like the sad gloomy feeling that comes with the rain.

The above verse in Zechariah is symbolic of more than just nature and things we can see with the natural eye.  There is much greater meaning that the Prophet Zechariah was establishing here through God.

Think about it ….

We have trudged out of the winter of our lives.

Or perhaps you still feel like you are in the “winter of your life?”

Maybe still today you feel stuck in a hard spot.  Still today life feels hard … you feel pressed against the wall.  If the only thing you can do is scream … that’s what you do.

But God … our sweet Father, He begs us … “Will you just dance with me in the rain?”

The rain comes … it pounds.  In fact, it seems like it will never end.

Still He says, “Will you dance … even in the rain, will you dance with me?”

You see, that’s just the thing …

All of our experiences …

Our trials …

Our moments that we feel as if we are in the darkest pit possible …

He says to us, “Will you just wait for me?  If all you truly want is me, will you wait for me?”

It’s inevitable … you will experience “winter” moments in your life.

There will be storms …

Sadness ..

Trials …

Tribulations …

But with every winter … there is a spring.  


As Sons and Daughters of God we are told that when our spring comes to ask the Lord for rain.  We are told to sit at His feet … to approach His throne … to sit and bask … to sit and wait … to experience His rain and to watch the transformation …

Will we dance?  Will we dance with Him … even in the rain?

Are we willing to take ourself and just sit in the rain …

It’s constant … the rain that is. It fills holes, buckets, rivers, lakes and oceans until they are more than overflowing.

Rain has no limits.  Eventually, depending on the amount of rain … it can break through any wall, storm any field, and renew any life.  If we run from it, eventually, it will catch us.

And when the rain catches us …

When we have allowed our Father to do what He does best … To demonstrate His love … then we will know the truth of the below verse:

Romans 15:13 — “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him.  Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Yes … I know.

You’ve been praying.

You’ve even sowed seed in good faith of His anticipated response.

Until His response comes …

Will you patiently wait?

Will you take yourself … and plant yourself in the middle of your storm …

Will you dance?  Even in the Rain … whether good or bad … Will you dance with God?

It’s in our waiting that we are tested.

It’s those moments that we cry out to Him begging for a response … that we feel lost.

We lose hope when the immediate answer doesn’t come.  Have we forgotten that God works on His schedule and His timing?

So we wait …

We wait for the spring of our rain …

We wait for the renewal of our God.

He will make our pastures lush.  He will restore every crevice of our lives if we would but just allow Him too.

Have you been praying?  Great … keep praying!

Have you sowed in good faith?  Then, you must keep sowing!

You take yourself and plant yourself in the middle of your fields.  There is a purpose for your storm …

And eventually my dear friend … the spring rain of God will come.  It will pour down on you until you are overflowing with the most beautiful confident hope that you could ever possess.

So while you’re waiting will you dance?  Will you dance with Him even in the rain?

God’s rain will pour down on your life …

It’s coming … we must keep waiting.

We will press in …

We will dance … yes, even in the rain, we will dance!

We will rejoice ..

We will praise …

We will wait for God’s spring rain to pour into our lives so that we are overflowing to the brim!


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